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RTB Panda is a sophisticated real-time bidding platform designed to create a fair and balanced ecosystem that boosts the performance of advertisers as well as publishers alike.

Powerful, reliable, and highly-specialized, RTB Panda creates more efficient and profitable ad selling as well as purchasing processes that increase profitability for all stakeholders.

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RTB Panda

At RTB Panda, our goal is to improve the performance of advertisers and publishers by establishing a transparent environment through our innovative white label ad exchange technology. We tailor our fully-customizable solution based on your requirements and add features to our default modules to improve performance as well as consistently deliver the best results.

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RTB Technology

In essence, real-time bidding (RTB) technology allows stakeholders to participate in a digital auction, where DSPs and SSPs buy and sell media on a per-impression basis instantly.

Rather than purchasing bulk and using a small percentage of the inventory acquired, RTB helps advertisers pick the impressions they want to pay for. The best part is that publishers are able to find the best taker for each ad, which means higher fill rates and increased revenue generation.

Simply put, RTB represents a win-win solution that allows publishers to maximize their earnings while empowering advertisers to reach the most relevant users at a fair price.

Lower costs for advertising campaigns and higher conversions

More user-friendly advertising

Greater value to the inventory

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RTB Panda is a comprehensive solution that results in a streamlined process, allowing advertisers to purchase inventory in a more effective way.

RTB Panda was designed to serve the interest of advertisers by:

Providing access to a massive, premium marketplace

Cherry-picking the impressions that deem most valuable (instead of buying bulk)

Paying only for inventory that produces promising results

Increasing conversion rates, reducing costs, and improving profitability

Eliminating the need for manual optimization

Reducing instances of human error

Delivering powerful targeting options to reach the right audience

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With RTB Panda, publishers enjoy a customizable RTB platform that allows them to build a robust traffic monetization system and significantly boost profits from existing visitors.

Some of the advantages RTB Panda brings for publishers include:

Increasing revenue generated from the same inventory

Connecting with hundreds of advertisers easily

Setting dynamic bid floors to drive more revenue

Simplifying the process of selling remnant traffic

Achieving higher fill rates

Delivering superior user experience by presenting relevant ads to users

Ensuring that publishing sites feature the most engaging ads

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At RTB Panda, we don’t offer out-of-the-box solutions that limit flexibility. Instead, we create a fully tailored solution that contains the features that you deem the most important. Instead of opting for a platform that has clear shortcomings, RTB Panda can help develop a cost-effective customized solution that delivers the best results without compromising other areas. Depending on your requirements, we provide a custom set of features that include:

Monitoring Tools

Our comprehensive monitoring interface provides statistics that are synchronized right away, so you have them available as soon as these are collected. Through RTB Panda, users have the capacity to monitor and analyze data in real-time in order to make adjustments to their monetization process as soon as there are identifiable patterns.

Data collected through our API is instantly available to stakeholders. Plus, our monitoring tools are completely tailored to your requirements, so advertisers and publishers can decide specifically which data they want to see and in what formats it should be presented.

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